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A trip would be incomplete without visiting one of a location’s Amusement Parks or Mini Golf Courses for some fun and relaxation. Even while Okoboji is known for its rich history and arts, it is also packed with entertainment venues suitable for people of all ages to enjoy.

In the city of Okoboji, you may have fun with friends, family, or even strangers while getting away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Adventurers will delight in the variety of themes and attractions each location offers, as will thrill-seekers. These amusement parks include the well-known Arnolds Park, the Boji Splash Waterpark near Bridges Bay, and Bouncelandia.

If you are tired of the same old thrills and spills, check out one of Okoboji’s Amusement Parks and Mini Golfs. Okoboji has something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to those who prefer more laid-back pastimes like bowling and golf. Check out our Okoboji, Iowa, lifestyle page to find various fascinating locations to visit.

Arnolds Park Amusement Park

Arnolds Park Amusement Park

37 Lake Drive Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Arnolds Park Amusement Park opened its doors to visitors of all ages in 1889, making it one of the historic amusement parks in Iowa. To test your courage, they’ve got various games and rides on their 20-acre property, including the legendary wooden “Legend” roller coaster, the 13th oldest wooden roller coaster ride in America. The amusement park was named one of the Midwest’s top fifteen by Midwest Living magazine in 2012.

Arnolds Park Funhouse Museum

37 Lake St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Arnolds Park Amusement Park, officially opened in 1889, is one of the world’s oldest operating amusement parks. A wide range of diversions for people of all ages will be available, including a beach with boat cruises, a maritime exhibit, a scuba center, and other things for the entire family to enjoy.

Arnolds Park Raceway

37 Lake Dr Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Arnolds Park Raceway is a fun attraction at Arnolds Park Amusement Park that you shouldn’t miss. You and your family may enjoy the excitement of racing in a secure, supervised atmosphere on the Family Track, which is open to children aged nine and older.

Boji Splash Waterpark At Bridges Bay

630 Linden Dr Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

The indoor and outdoor pools of Boji Splash Indoor Waterpark are ideal for your family’s enjoyment. With its distinctive amenities, such as the Swim-Up Bar and SkyRyder Zipline, Boji Splash Indoor Waterpark promises a summer of fun for all ages.


2501 Boji Bend Dr Milford, Iowa, 51351

As the nation’s leading bounce house, Bouncelandia is 32 feet tall and covers an area of over 13,000 square feet. If you’re with kids starting to get antsy, make sure you take them to the Midwest’s most exciting and thrilling inflatable attraction. What’s the holdup? We’d love to see you at Bouncelandia!

Harmony Park

37 Lake St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Harmony Park is a park that provides youngsters with an interactive musical instrument that will help them develop their musical abilities and bring a smile to their parents’ faces. The instruments are easy to play and entertaining for everyone, regardless of age or ability level!

Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace

709 16th Street Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

With an enormous array of artworks from fantastic local artisans to serve as inspiration for your creations, this is a wonderful place to relax and spend time creating art. Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace is committed to presenting all aspects of pottery painting, including how to utilize the various pigments and distinctive painting techniques, to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience in the facility.

Lakes Ice Arena

3800 Sunner Ave Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Children of all ages are welcome to practice and display their skating abilities at the Lakes Ice Arena, a seasonal sports facility. The sports complex also hosts a variety of sporting activities, including youth and adult ice hockey.

Little Sioux Orchard

2618 160th Ave Milford, Iowa, 51351

Go apple picking at Little Sioux Orchard in the autumn for a unique adventure, and don’t forget to take a walk through the corn maze! Our little town farm welcomes you, whether you’re a school kid, a college student, or an adult. It opens for a limited time each year, so be sure to stop by when they reopen!

Okoboji Gold Disc Golf Course

2279 170th St Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Every skill level is invited to the Okoboji Gold Disc Golf Course, which features concrete tee fields for beginners and professionals alike. It takes disc golfers through various natural surroundings, including a beautifully remodeled oak savanna. On the course, there is also a nice walk through a picturesque, natural area full of blooming wildflowers and a variety of bird species, even during the summer months.

Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

25 Lake Street Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is a pirate-themed mini-golf chain featuring 18-hole, manicured courses located among waterfalls and caverns. A round of miniature golf and adventure at Pirate’s Cove is like no other. This takes place in an ambiance of meticulously-maintained landscape and magical pirate stories, making for a fun-filled day of exploration and adventure.

Splash Pad – Memorial Park

300 Lake St Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Memorial Park’s Splash Pad is a free, open space for people of all ages. To guarantee a wonderful day for you and your family, you may utilize this park’s many facilities, like the playground for kids, barbecues, shelter houses, a splash pad, and more!

The Grove

2071 220th St. Milford, Iowa, 51351

When it comes to making lasting experiences with loved ones, The Grove Okoboji is the place to be. Pumpkin patch, corn maze, corn pit, trike track, slingshots, train rides, a spooky path, and more await you at Okoboji’s The Grove!

The Queen II

37 Lake St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

The Queen II amusement park in Okoboji is a must-see destination. All ages are welcome at this park, which has safe rides and is of the highest quality. As a bonus, the Queen II offers spectacular sunsets, live music, and beautiful vistas to finish your weekend or holiday trips with your loved ones.

The Studio Yoga and Barre

1706 Hill Ave Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

The Studio Yoga and Barre is a relaxing and fun place that welcomes everyone, regardless of their practice level. This studio is the place to go if you’re looking for yoga, barre, or other sessions or courses from a highly-experienced teacher.

The Venue

1605 Hill Ave Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Searching for a spot to host your private party, corporate event, or wedding reception? The Venue is your place! A golf simulator, bags, Hammerschalgen, and other amusements abound here, so you’ll never be without anything fun to do. You are welcome to hire your band or artist for your event. Once you’ve been to The Venue, you’ll consider booking the space for your event and making your memories.

Treasure Village Mini-Golf

2023 IA-86 Milford, Iowa, 51351

Built in 1973 to create a Family Entertainment Center for people of all ages, Treasure Village Mini-Golf is a 27-hole course that features unique hazards and Mischief Spinners.

Corner Lanes

2105 Circle Drive West Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Corner Lanes, a bowling alley that started in 1973, is known for its high-quality entertainment and customer service. Corner Lanes will ensure that you and your loved one leave their establishment delighted with a lasting impression! Both their bar and their kitchen are open for use. Corner Lanes may also be used for birthday celebrations and other group trips.

Kindermusik at the Lakes

2201 US-71 Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

Trying to figure out how to spend precious time with your child that is both entertaining and interactive? Visit Kindermusik, and you will be treated to world-class service from the world’s leading source of music and movement activities for children. Kindermusik’s objective is to interact and enable parents and children in an immersive experience where they can gain knowledge and produce together.

Okoboji Sailing Center

1900 Manhattan Blvd Wahpeton, Iowa, 51360

The Okoboji Sailing Center is a sailing facility that serves the local community of Wahpeton, Iowa. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage people of all ages about sailing via classes offered by expert sailors.

Riddle Me That

589 Hwy 71 S. Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Riddle Me That is the spot for you if you like solving riddles and puzzles! This is an escape room where teamwork is crucial to escaping. When you arrive at Riddle Me That, you will be greeted by a kind and knowledgeable staff member who will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the various rooms.

Throwing Post

29 Allen Ave Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

The Throwing Post is Okoboji’s best ax-throwing pub, where you’ll learn about safety and good ax-throwing techniques from their ax teachers before competing with your friends. You may sip on a locally made craft beer and dine at one of our suggested restaurants during your session. What’s the holdup? Throw some axes!

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