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Okoboji is a famous summer vacation destination in Iowa, best known as the location of Iowa’s Great Lakes.

The glacier-carved lakes of Iowa are the most notable feature of the Okoboji region’s tourism. The Iowa Great Lakes comprises Iowa’s largest natural lake, the Spirit Lake, and five interconnecting lakes, namely West Okoboji, East Okoboji, Minnewashta, Upper Gar, and Lower Gar. This stunning chain of lakes stretches for many miles from the Minnesota border to the southwest and encompasses around 15,000 acres. Spring-fed West Lake Okoboji is a gorgeous shade of blue waters and a stunning sight. It is the focal point of the five chain lakes, and the adjoining districts serve as a backdrop to Okoboji’s year-round playground for residents and visitors alike. If you are considering migrating to Iowa and want to talk with a professional broker, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team whenever it is most convenient for your schedule.

THRIVING ECONOMY: Being a popular summer destination in Iowa, Okoboji has a significant number of fast-rising resorts around the Iowa Great Lakes. The proximity of other popular tourist attractions, including Arnolds Park and Spirit Lake, has also contributed to the region’s growing popularity. Visitors can choose from various entertainment and recreational activities accessible across the area. Visitors to Okoboji can also explore the surrounding area and discover a variety of souvenirs, such as bumper stickers, hoodies, and mugs, that serve as a reminder of their visit.

PICTURESQUE VIEWS: Being home to the Great Lakes of Iowa, almost all communities in Okoboji enjoy expansive vistas and breathtaking landscapes of the neighboring water wonders. If you are on the market for homes with lakefront views accessible right through your windows, come check out the fantastic neighborhoods in Okoboji.

COUNTLESS THINGS TO DO: Okoboji is a wonderful area to visit for everyone, whether they are huge families, couples, or individuals on a solo trip. There is something for everyone in Okoboji to enjoy. Take advantage of water sports opportunities and cold-weather sports such as snowmobiling and ice fishing during the summer months. Also available in Okoboji are art and theater activities, family diversions, museums, golf courses, and a wide array of shopping and dining options throughout the city.

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Homes in Okoboji, IA

Real Estate Facts About Okoboji, IA

  • On the Okoboji real estate market, you’ll find a diverse selection of beautiful single-family homes with unique aesthetic finishes and exquisite details.
  • The luxury residential properties in the region range in price from $500,000 to $5 million.
  • Okoboji’s economical residences are typically priced between $30,000 and $200,000.
  • The area’s residence is typically built with two to seven bedrooms, depending on the neighborhood.
  • In addition, depending on the property size, they are typically equipped with one to seven bathrooms.
  • The interior living area provided by the residential houses in Okoboji is generous, with the most typical floor plans ranging from 300 sq ft to more than 10,400 sq ft.
  • The typical lot size of property ranges from around 0.10 to 0.89 acres, depending on the location.
  • Architectural finishes utilized in Contemporary, Cottage, and Ranch home designs are among the most popular in Okoboji.
  • Okoboji residences have walk-out balconies on both sides and a spacious deck for entertaining guests while enjoying the magnificent views supplied by the surrounding water of the neighboring lakes.
  • A vacant lot measuring 0.41 acres is available for sale for $129,000.
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Okoboji is a flourishing city in Dickinson County, located along the eastern side of West Okoboji Lake in the Iowa Great Lakes region. Tucked away in the northwestern segment of Iowa, Okoboji is a wonderful example of the many beautiful things the Midwest offers. Among the neighboring cities in the surrounding area include Spencer, located approximately 18.2 miles south of Okoboji and is accessible in roughly 25 minutes by car via Highway 71. Storm Lake likes about an hour away on the northern segment of the city, whereas Ledyard is positioned east, approximately 56 miles away from Okoboji.

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Things to do in Okoboji, IA

Higgins Museum

2,500 national bank notes from 1863 to 1935 from around the country are on display in this pet-friendly museum. Explore between 16,000 and 20,000 photo postcards from Iowa from the turn of the century.

West O Beer

A craft beer brewery that makes great, award-winning craft beers using spring-fed, natural water from West Okoboji Lake.

Elinor Bedell State Park

Spacious gazebo, campsites, trekking, fishing, and even a playground are all available at this lakeside retreat.

Kazarelli's At Millers Bay

Traditional Italian and American cuisine is served in a tranquil setting at this high-end Italian restaurant.


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