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The lengthy and eventful heritage of Okoboji and its surrounding areas in Iowa is still being maintained and displayed through many Arts and Culture facilities throughout the city. Many interactive museums depicting different historical periods in the region are open all year for residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the Great Lakes in Iowa.

In addition to providing excellent possibilities for learning and enjoyment, such facilities also offer an opportunity for personal growth and for enhancing communication with everyone. Arts and culture capture historical events and stories, giving us a complete picture of the past. It also reflects values, beliefs, ideas, and character and contributes to the preservation of the many distinct communities around the world.

Those interested in learning more about the meaningful and exciting history of Okoboji and the state of Iowa are encouraged to visit one of the many recreational facilities that support the conservation of antique memorabilia, historic antiques, and other relics that have significant historical significance in the region. Please feel free to browse our lifestyle page to discover many exciting places to visit in Okoboji, Iowa.

Abbie Gardner Cabin and Museum

Abbie Gardner Cabin and Museum

74 Monument Drive Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

A 19th-century cabin witnessed the increased conflict between Native Americans and new settlers in 1857, where a 13-year-old, Abbie Gardner, was taken hostage and whose family was killed by men of the Dakota Indian nation. This tragic event became known as the Spirit Lake Massacre. Many years after the tragedy, Abbie went to Arnolds Park and purchased the cabin, one of the earliest and most popular tourist destinations in Iowa.

Arnolds Park Funhouse Museum

37 Lake St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Arnolds Park Amusement Park opened its doors in 1889 and is one of the world’s longest operational amusement parks. People of all ages will surely love the rides and activities offered by the park, including a beach with boat trips, a nautical museum, a scuba center, and other attractions for the whole family to enjoy!

Clark Museum

2151 213th Ave Milford, Iowa, 51351

Since its launch in 1985, this museum has been an insightful history destination, showcasing hundreds of items, vintage memorabilia, and photographs of the whole Iowa Great Lakes Region, each photograph accompanied by an underlying written and informative story.

Dickinson County Museum

1708 Keokuk Avenue Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

A noteworthy museum in Spirit Lake, Iowa, exhibits a comprehensive collection highlighting the area’s historic railroad, agricultural, tourism, and industrial periods. The Dickinson County Museum is open to the public and is a great place to learn about the area’s rich history.

Dickinson County Nature Center

22785 Nature Center Road Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51355

This nature center is great for kids to enjoy wildlife and be more active outdoors by featuring an indoor beehive-themed play area, live animals, a bat tunnel, and other informative displays. Pollinator Paradise, a Nature playscape, trails, disc golf, and the Westport Schoolhouse are among the attractions at the park, which also has a children’s space area and all-new art installations.

Higgins Museum

1507 Sanborn Avenue Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

A pet-friendly museum where you can see more than 2,500 national bank notes from 1863 to 1935, all from different parts of the country. Explore between 16,000 and 20,000 photo postcards from Iowa from the turn of the century and discover the zenith of America’s use of local paper money.

Indian Motorcycle Experience Center and Factory Tours

1900 US-71 Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

The Indian Motorcycle Experience Center and Factory, which displays existing and ancient Indian motorcycles, including vintage artifacts and relics, is dedicated to preserving the Indian Motorcycle history for new generations of motorcycle riders. The facility allows visitors to purchase exclusive factory items and complimentary factory tours to witness the bike assembly process firsthand.

Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum

Arnolds Park Amusement Park Spirit Center, Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

The museum has accumulated an extensive collection of local images, papers, and relics from the “golden age” of boating on the Iowa Great Lakes, dating back to the early 1900s. A diverse collection of wooden boats, marine equipment, historical relics, and more can be found on display at the museum, including a ship retrieved from the depths of West Okoboji.

Iowa Rock N' Roll Music Association Museum

243 W Broadway St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

A small museum featuring artifacts and memorabilia of iconic performers with local ties and products that will send you on a rocking trip down memory lane.

Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace

709 16th Street Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

An excellent location to relax and spend time crafting art, with an extensive collection of artwork from amazing local artists to serve as inspiration for your creations. To ensure a good experience, Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace is dedicated to exhibiting all painting ceramics, including how to use the various paints and unique painting techniques.

Okoboji Summer Theatre

2001 US-71 Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

A seasoned college theater that delivers classical theater productions and modern performances from Stephens College, accompanied by skilled featured artists who return year after year to organize, produce and participate in the Okoboji Summer Theatre’s nine productions. Undergraduate theatre students can also join in immersive apprenticeships at the theatre.

Pearson Lakes Art Center

2201 US-71 Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

In addition to six galleries and a theater, the museum has workshops, a library, a gift shop, an outdoor sculptural trail, and a unique culinary arts kitchen. It is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys wonderfully organized events and engaging visual arts.

Treasure Village Mini-Golf

2023 IA-86 Milford, Iowa, 51351

A 27-hole course with distinctive obstacles and Mischief Spinners was built in 1973 to establish a Family Entertainment Center for people of all ages to enjoy.

Westport Rural School Museum

22531 Nature Center Road Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

A cultural landmark in Dickinson County, with historic primers, tables, a piano, and maps. You may sit at a desk, scribble on a slate, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and even hit the school bell for everyone to hear.

Great Lakes Cinema 7

1698 Exchange St Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

A movie theater network that screens first-run films and offers weekday concessions discounts. The theater has a 7-screen configuration with all leather stadium seating and remarkable digital projection.

Kindermusik at the Lakes

2201 US-71 Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

Looking for a fun and interactive way to spend quality time with your child? Head over to Kindermusik and experience world-class service from the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs for young children. Kindermusik’s mission is to engage and empower parents and children in an interactive environment where they can learn and create together.

Milford Pioneer Theater

905 Okoboji Ave Milford, Iowa, 51351

A family-run historic theater providing the latest movie releases featuring comfortable recliner seating, beer and wine, and excellent customer service with an old-fashioned small-town charm.

Okoboji Classic Car Museum

810 Jeppeson Road West Okoboji, Iowa, 51351

A haven for classic car enthusiasts interested in discovering an extensive collection of antique cars. The museum is home to gear heads, art collectors, and magnificent murals that provide a stunning exhibit backdrop. Worth a visit if you and your family are looking for a memorable experience!

Superior 71 Drive-In Theater

1482 300th Ave, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

A drive-in theater with a 90-foot screen and a refreshment service for the comfort of its guests. Come and watch two movies back-to-back for the price of one!

The Wine Bar and Art Gallery

139 W Broadway St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

This unique wine bar and art gallery deliver an unforgettable experience with excellent wine, craft beers, art exhibitions, and live music! The Wine Bar and Art Gallery have outdoor and high-top table seating and a cozy lounge for you to enjoy.

Vermeer Glass Art

302 Grand Ave. Spencer, Iowa, 51301

Are you thinking of making changes to your home or office layout? Vermeer Glass Art creates handcrafted fused art glass, ornamental glass plates, bowls, decorations, and wall displays that will complement any workplace or household decor.

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