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If you’re searching for a leisure activity to do with your friends or family, go no further than this list. Why don’t you give golf a shot? Golf is a sport that enables everyone to unwind while still having a good time and improving their strategic abilities. You’re in luck if you want a spot to play golf in Okoboji. There are several golf courses to pick from, no matter your budget or skill level.

Going on adventures in Okoboji can be exhausting because the area is packed with attractions like amusement parks, public parks, and other entertainment facilities. So, why not play a round of golf with your friends or loved ones at one of Okoboji’s many golf courses? Improve your golfing abilities while taking in the stunning scenery of Okoboji and tasting the local delicacies.

Golfers of all skill levels may enjoy Okoboji’s Golf Courses, which provide a variety of facilities and distinctive features, whether you’re a novice or an experienced player. Check out our lifestyle page to see which golf courses you can play in and discover the joys of the sport.

Aerial view of the Brooks Golf Course Okoboji Community Guide Page

Brooks Golf

1201 Brooks Park Dr Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

Okoboji’s most scenic golf course, serving the golfing community since 1939, features three distinct golf layouts and plays through parkland, grassland, and wetlands, making it a favorite of veterans and novices alike. The course also provides a golf store and open pub daily and offers members and guests a wide range of services.

Emerald Hills Golf Club

808 US-71 Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

The Emerald Hills Golf Club offers many amenities: a first-rate clubhouse suitable for weddings and other special events, a store with a wide assortment of golf-related equipment and items, and a snack bar serving snacks and refreshments. Guests will have a fantastic time golfing in this area because of the lush, green hillside and the plethora of trees that border it.

Okoboji View Golf Club

1665 IA-86 Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Since its opening in 1962, the Okoboji View Golf Club has undergone a substantial renovation, adding a watershed that has enhanced the charm of the course and improved the water quality of West Lake Okoboji. The golf course now has a golf shop offering an extensive selection of golf gear and accessories, 18 holes of challenging golf,  and a focus on the natural environment thanks to its many waterways, tree-lined fields, and green hills.

Spencer Golf and Country Club

2200 W 18th St Spencer, Iowa, 51301

The Northwest Amateur Golf Tournament has been held at Spencer Golf & Country Club since 1921. Whether you’re a local or not, this Country Club has its doors wide open to you; it offers a spacious and picturesque area with four sets of tees to suit players of all ability levels, a full-service restaurant serving delectable meals, and a clubhouse that is ideal for various significant events.

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