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Get even more astounded by Okoboji’s nightlife if you’ve already been wowed by its daytime attractions such as the amusement parks, sports facilities, and marine stores. Expect a wild night out with your pals, thanks to the plethora of nightclubs and bars in Okoboji.

Each bar and pub in Okoboji offers a unique menu and drink options, but don’t forget the incredible live music! These live performances will do the trick if you want to unwind or have a wild and raucous night. As a bonus, video games and other amusements keep you and your companions entertained throughout your stay in Okoboji.

Take advantage of Okoboji’s nightlife for those who want to be out and about at the end of the day. These pubs and clubs guarantee that they are safe and won’t spoil your night due to random fights. Okoboji boasts a plethora of nighttime options, making it an excellent choice for a trip pin.

Arnolds Park Preservation Plaza

Arnolds Park Preservation Plaza

37 Lake St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

A great place to visit if you want to see free concerts and watch a spectacular fireworks display. This outdoor venue is available with tables and chairs, fully staffed bars, food options, and a large tent that can fit 300 people.

Arnolds Park Roof Garden

Lake Street Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Preservation Plaza in Arnolds Park is home to a free music series. It’s an excellent location for large-scale gatherings of any kind. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the significant events at Arnolds Park Preservation Plaza!


129 Broadway St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Looking for a place to have a good time? Check out Murphy’s! Not only will you enjoy the crazy music provided by the DJ, but you’ll also meet new people and sample some exciting cocktails at this bar!

Okoboji Bible Conference

7 S. Highway 71 Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Year-round in Iowa’s Great Lakes area, Okoboji Bible Conference Ministries carries out the vision it was established to fulfill. They’re here all year long, making a difference in the community through leadership development, prayer meetings, holding an event, performances, and more!

Okoboji Boat Works

1401 Lakeshore Drive Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

Okoboji Boat Works, West Lake Okoboji’s only marina, offers daily and annual boat dock rentals, boating, water-sports rentals, and a 24-hour on-water gas port. A fleet of EIGHT excursion vessels is also based at the marina. Okoboji Boat Works offers daily recreational trips that are sure to be a lot of fun in the sun. So schedule a visit to Okoboji Boat Works as soon as possible!

Parks Marina

24457 Stake Out Road Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

Parks Marina was founded in 1983 to service the boating communities on East Lake Okoboji. A small fishing boat repair and sales facility has grown into a three-location company with marinas, service, storage, pro-shops, sales, boat rentals, and specialty retail stores that cater to the public and boating community.

The Barefoot Bar

24457 178th Street Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

The Barefoot Bar is a popular place for families in the area. They have a full bar, delicious beach cuisine, and pizza, and don’t miss Phil’s Famous Ribs and Seafood Boil every Full Moon Party. Free live music, kid-friendly activities like a playground, and more are all available.

The Common Tasting Room

1302 US-71 Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

The Common Tasting Room is a cocktail bar where patrons can enjoy a variety of extraordinary and delicious concoctions. You’ll be greeted warmly at their bar by courteous bartenders and employees.

The Gardens

144 Lake Shore Dr Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

In the 1920s, the building of this diner was used as a boat storage facility but has since become a popular restaurant in Okoboji. The Gardens is a family-friendly restaurant with a comprehensive menu and entertainment, including live music, cocktails, and siesta cruises to ensure you and your family have a blasting day and night!

The Venue

1605 Hill Ave Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Are you looking for a venue for a corporate event, a private event, or a wedding reception? Don’t look any further. The Venue is where you should be! Various amusements, such as a golf simulator, Hammer-Schengen, and other attractions, guarantee you will never be bored. You are welcome to invite your favorite musician or band to play at your event. You’ll want to ponder renting The Venue for your next event and create memorable memories after you’ve seen it.

West O Beer Company

503 Terrace Park Blvd., West Okoboji, Iowa, 51351

The search for a craft beer brewed with the finest ingredients is over. Looking for a great brewery? Look no farther than West O Beer Company! West O Beer Company is a local craft brewer providing you with the freshest beer made from spring-fed, naturally soft water from West Okoboji Lake. As if that wasn’t enough, they also offer exceptional customer care, a tour of their microbrewery, a laid-back environment, and more!

Captain’s Getaway

107 Broadway St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Captain’s Getaway is a laid-back pub and restaurant featuring live music and dancing and a seasonal rooftop terrace with views of the lake. Here, patrons may enjoy delectable cocktails, excellent musicians, and a soothing ambiance while Okoboji’s nightlife comes to life.


575 US-71 Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

When it comes to bars in Okoboji, Chaplin’s is one of the best. Chaplin’s offers its patrons a wide range of possibilities, including expertly prepared drinks, delectable food menus, excellent karaoke, live music, and more fun things to do with your friends for a memorable night.

Little Swan Lake Winery

1350 320th Ave Estherville, Iowa, 51334

Founded in 2002, Little Swan Lake Winery is a family-owned and run winery that has been creating the best and most pleasurable wines. In addition to the finest wines, this winery shop offers a tasting area, a refurbished 1920s barn with 35 different wines created on-site, a range of gourmet cheeses, and more for its customers to experience.

Okoboji Brewing Company

3705 Hwy 71 Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Okoboji Brewing Company hopes to create a joyful and social atmosphere with its refreshing, high-quality beers. In 2009, Okoboji Brewing Company opened its doors to the brewing industry and began working tirelessly to provide Okoboji residents with the best craft beer available. In addition to its brews, Okoboji Brewing Company boasts a wide selection of craft beers on tap!

Pirate Jack’s

37 Lake St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

Pirate Jack’s is one of Okoboji’s top bars; Pirate Jack’s is a definite must-visit! They offer you their kind and inviting staff, innovative cocktails, and the beautiful scenery you can view from the bar, letting you relax more with the natural environment.

Superior 71 Drive-In Theater

1482300th Ave Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

A drive-in cinema with a 90-foot screen and refreshments for patrons’ convenience. Come see two movies in one sitting for the price of one!

The Okoboji Barn

2325 41st st Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360

Okoboji Barn is a one-of-a-kind bar and grill that serves the best burgers and wings and allows you to arrange small private parties in their farmhouse or even their loft with a view of their elegant chandelier for you to fully experience their top-notch service!

The Wine Bar and Art Gallery

139 W Broadway St Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

With outstanding wine, craft brews, art displays, and live music, this unique wine bar and art gallery provide a fantastic experience! Outdoor and high-top table seats and a pleasant lounge are available at the Wine Bar and Art Gallery.

Throwing Post

29 Allen Ave Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

It is Okoboji’s best ax-throwing tavern, where you can learn about ax safety and proper technique from their ax teachers before competing with your friends. During your session, you can enjoy a locally brewed craft beer and dine at one of our recommended restaurants. What’s the problem? Axes should be thrown!

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