Ryan Maris

Sales Associate

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P.O. Box 815, Okoboji, IA 51355 1121 Brooks Park Drive, Okoboji, IA

Hi, I'm Ryan Maris

An innovator energized by people. Ryan brings a fresh perspective to the team with his relentless pursuit of learning and trying new things. His love for people shines through the belief that relationships trump transactions.

Ryan grew up on the lake and has been helping Okoboji Realty for over a decade. He understands the nuances of the unique lakeshore market. With an early interest in real estate, Ryan became licensed at 18 while taking college classes.

He graduated with honors from Montana State University and uses his degrees in business and psychology as a one-two punch to help him knock out marketing strategies for the marketplace of tomorrow with cutting-edge technology. Ryan has accumulated sales experience in multiple industries where he’s perfected how to make transactions stress-free and even fun.