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Homes for Sale Around The West Side, Big Spirit Lake, IA

Big Spirit Lake is a splendid natural wonder in Iowa, encompassing an expansive 5,684 acres.

The lake’s vastness invites contemplation, providing a serene backdrop for those seeking respite from the demands of daily life. Have a relaxing stroll by the water’s edge or engage in the thrill of catching prized fish like walleye, bass, and yellow perch. Water sports enthusiasts will also find themselves at home, with activities ranging from kayaking and paddleboarding to the thrill of jet skiing. And when it’s time to get some rest before facing another day of adventure, you’ll find cozy residences along the lake’s westside periphery, combining convenient amenities with panoramic views. The lifestyle here offers a sense of exclusivity, serenity, and a heightened degree of privacy.

SERENE SETTING: West side homes sit in quiet and peaceful locations far from the crowd. They are concentrated on two major sites – northwest near the swimming area of Crandall’s Beach and southwest around Templar State Recreation Area. Many properties back up to several wildlife management areas, three smaller lakes, and abundant natural resources. Being wrapped in nature brings a calming effect, offering moments of solitude, mindfulness, and the opportunity to be more present.

UNPLUG AT MARBLE BEACH: Marble Beach State Recreation Area is Iowa’s most extensive and sought-after campground, with lots of shade and hook-ups, ensuring a comfortable retreat. It also has a boat ramp so you can hop into your speed boats, jet skis, and canoes effortlessly. Glide through your sailboat and spend the day reeling in the elusive walleye to the feisty smallmouth bass. Off-lake activities include hiking and biking on paved trails that connect to an extensive network of recreational paths in the region.

YEAR-ROUND BEAUTY: Big Spirit Lake is a playground of possibilities 365 days a year. Dive into the refreshing waves or bask in the sun on your boat in the warm months. The mild yet cool seasons are perfect for kayaking through crystal-clear waters or casting a line for a chance encounter with trophy-worthy catches. The lake doesn’t hibernate when the snow falls; it transforms into a winter wonderland with frost-coated landscapes and opportunities for ice fishing and snowshoeing. Every season brings its unique magic.

Homes in The West Side, Big Spirit Lake, IA

5 Real Estate Facts about The West Side, Big Spirit Lake, IA

  • The previously sold houses in west side Iowa were closed from $238,000 to $1.2M.
  • West side homes feature comfortable living spaces from 1,100 to 3,100 square feet.
  • Layouts average three to five bedrooms and two to three baths to accommodate families of different sizes.
  • The properties on the western shore of Big Spirit Lake encompass plots ranging from 0.13 to 1.91 acres.
  • Prime lots on the western section boast impressive features, including 50 to 100+ feet of shoreline and depths ranging from 300 to 350 feet.
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The West Side Neighborhood Map

Big Spirit Lake can be accessed through Highway 9 from the south or County Road M46 from the west. The principal thoroughfare, 240th Avenue, extends north to south on the lake’s western side.

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Things to do in The West Side

Templar State Recreation Area

Spread across 10 acres, it features a boat ramp for convenient launches and numerous fishing spots along the shoreline.

Crandall's Beach

Enjoy simple pleasures, sunbathe, and splash in the clear water, creating a serene and refreshing lakeside escape.

Indian Hills Golf Course

A 9-hole masterpiece nestled amidst gently rolling hills and gracefully wraps around the Bass Lake.

McKeen's Pub and Grill

Savor the delights of delicious burgers, steaks, and sandwiches at this welcoming bar and grill.