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Homes for Sale Around East Lake Okoboji Homes, IA

East Lake Okoboji is a quiet area in Dickinson County, Iowa.

This bucolic community is one of Iowa’s most popular vacation destinations, and its popularity continues to grow yearly. It’s also a beautiful region with wonderful people. Boasting some of the most stunning views the state has, this quaint little lakeside neighborhood is one of the perfect spots to raise your family or retire after years of corporate pressures. Homeowners have almost instant access to various amenities and activities for a laidback luxurious lifestyle. To help you decide whether buying an East Lake Okoboji home is the right choice, give our team a quick call so we can fill you in on additional details and accommodate you for scheduled viewings.

GLAZED WATERS: East Lake Okoboji homes for sale are beautiful and have plenty of upsides. For one, the location is simply stunning. Situated in the Midwest, houses in East Lake Okoboji show a display of picturesque views. The scenic lakeside is visible from many properties in the area. Various homes on the shoreline have boat access to pristine waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. Moreover, residents enjoy a mostly temperate or humid climate which adds to the quaint atmosphere surrounding the neighborhood. For many people, this Midwestern locale feels like a vacation every day.

LEISURELY OPTIONS: East Lake Okoboji is the perfect place to buy a home if you’re looking for a leisurely lifestyle. The houses here are beautiful, and the community offers plenty of amenities to keep you busy. There are playgrounds and trails for the kids, a beach and pier for days spent by the water, and a boat rental to explore the lake. Plus, there are picnic areas and a clubhouse with a golf course around the community for when you want to relax with friends. And if you’re looking for something more active, public parks are nearby, perfect for lounging and playing more high-intensity sports like frisbee or soccer. These green spaces offer plenty of room for recreation, family bonding, and scenic views that will leave you breathless.

ADAPTIVE HOMES: The homes in East Lake Okoboji are some of the most beautiful and well-constructed houses you’ll ever see. They’re sturdy, with high-quality materials and construction that will stand up to the elements. And they’re not just built to last. They’re also easy on the eye. With their beautiful architecture and design, these homes are impressive residential structures. It’s a real showpiece for your family. Plus, there’s plenty of room to build on or extend your home so it can grow as your family does. That means no more having to move into a new house because your kids have outgrown the old one. Additions and renovations are allowed in East Lake Okoboji, so when you get tired of looking at the same walls every day or feel like updating the decor from time to time, go ahead. Whether your style is more modern, contemporary, or classic, these houses can accommodate any taste.

Homes in East Lake Okoboji Homes, IA

5 Real Estate Facts about East Lake Okoboji Homes, IA

  • East Lake Okoboji Homes For Sale cost anywhere from $116K to $2.13M.
  • Properties in the community vary in size and range from 540 sqft to 5,555 sqft.
  • Lot sizes are flexible and start from 0.01 acres to 74 acres
  • Properties in East Lake are a mix of modern contemporary Tudor and ranch-style homes.
  • There are condos, apartments, and empty lots available in the area.
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East Lake Okoboji is part of the Iowa Great Lakes network. The neighborhood comprises houses surrounding the beautiful lake. The community’s western edge consists of homes along the coastline that connects Isthmus Park, Gilbert Park, Peppermint Point, Okoboji Cabin, Stoney Point, Lonetree Point, and Chalstroms Beach. The southern border is the imaginary line that connects the intersection of Stakeout Road and Village Oaks Drive to Linden Drive across the waters. 242nd Avenue is the starting point from the southern perimeter. It moves through the coastline, passing by Camp Foster YMCA, Markham Court, Lakewood Drive, 256th Avenue, Shoreline Drive, and 260th Avenue. Meanwhile, Carney Construction and Gingham Inn to Go are on the northernmost edge of the East Lake Okoboji community.

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Things to do in East Lake Okoboji Homes

Elinor Bedell State Park

A lovely park that offers campsites available for reservation, playgrounds, and more.

Spring Run State Game Management Area

An expansive nature preserve ideal for birdwatching and hiking.

Spring Run Shooting Range

Driving to the southeast of the neighborhood you can visit this small shooting range that offers a safe space to use firearms.

Camp Foster

A lakeside camp the provides a wealth activities form campers visiting for their holiday.